IVR-NATION is a studio of designers and developpers coming from the gaming industry. We are specialized in developing high-end interactive experiences for Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, tablets and mobiles.

Here are the solutions we can offer for your project:

HTC Vive

Oculus Rift

Microsoft Mixed Reality

This high-end solution offers the best graphics and interactivity. You can move freely in your project and interact with everything.

The Vodafone Connected House below is a great example of interactivity and high-end graphics.

This mid-end solution offers good graphics but a limited interactivity. You need a high-end Android smartphone.

Below, a video of Holiday Inn for Gear VR we made for IHG.

Samsung Gear VR

Google Daydream

Google Cardboard

360 Video

A 360 video is the cheapest solution as it can work on any smartphone. You can send a Youtube link to anybody but there is no interactivity.

We can make 4K stereoscopic videos, here is an example below.



We can convert any of your projects to iPad, iPhone or Android. It's another way to show your project and because it is real-time, it is totally interactive as well.

Below, Holiday Inn on iPad.